Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome to the BK Class of 82 Blog

Hello fellow BK Classmates of 82! I’ve set up a blog so that Tim has another forum for his story sharing and we have a common place to comment on his memory lane entries. I’ve threatened to send him a webcam so that he can speak to us by video but my better wisdom took control of my actions. For those of you who may not be early adapters of technology, a blog is simply a journal where we can all write and post our responses in a common place where everyone can read them. Think of it as pushing “reply all” but your email stays in one place. Simply store the link in your favorites and return when you want to catch up on what’s being said and of course, Tim’s latest story.

Stay tuned for additional technological advances to our reunion planning. We are working on a Website with details and registration emails. We will also be putting together a class directory so be prepared next month to submit your information. More later on that one.

For now, thanks for your interest and a big thank you to Tim for taking charge.

Maria Telli Bailey